Thursday, September 25, 2014

Savoring What I Love

Prompt: Savoring is the capacity to notice and appreciate the little joys, the small pleasures, and the enjoyable moments in our everyday lives.
Walk around your home and savor what you love. It could be a painting someone gave you, a lamp you found at a flea market, or the smell of something cooking in your oven. Then write about it...

First let me apologize about the lateness of my post...

There are so many things around my home that I love, that bring me back to places or moments in my life that I want to remember or feelings that I want to invoke.

* The first thing I see is a pair of earrings that my dad brought me from Colorado quite a few years ago now. A pair that I would never wear, they’re super cute with lil forget-me-not flowers inside but gold…I never wear gold cause I’m such a silver girl.

* The various mosaics that Tesha has made me. A covered bowl that I put wishes inside. An old wine bottle made into an oil lamp that I have a stuffed monkey hanging from. An awesome green mirror in my closet. A small purple box with a cool flip up mirror. Such awesome stuff, cool memories.

* The vase that Jenni painted a castle on for me. Makes me smile every time I see it. Makes me think of happier times.

* The journal that Amy & Gabe gave me for my first anniversary. The journal/sketchbook that I picked out when Amy & I were looking for journals for our Journaling Through Grief group.

* So many pictures. Memories. Smiles. Love.

* Baking. Apple pie cause it’s that time of year for me. Custard pie cause it makes me think of my dad. Cookies cause it makes me think of G (she loved to sneak cookies).

* Bernard. Alex. My lil pink kitty from when I was a baby. Benji. Christopher. My blue and brown bear also from my childhood. So many cute stuffed animals with so many memories.

There is so much that I savor in my home. So many things that bring back times & places that I want to remember or lessons that I don’t want to forget or even people that I miss and cherish.

* The heart shaped handprint that we helped Tristin make and paint for my parents.
* The gazebo next to the pool…it has shingles now, the last thing my dad had a chance to do to it.
* My mom’s wind chimes hanging in the kitchen.
* Dr. Mario still playing on the Nintendo in the basement.
* All dad’s boxes of comics.
* The big wolf picture in the living room that Les & I bought for mom our last Christmas together.
* The bear wrapped in a receiving blanket that G loved to cuddle.
* The china cabinet in the basement full of glasses that were my grandma’s or my great-grandma’s…mom sometimes drinks wine out of them with me…such a special treat…making new memories while cherishing old ones.

* The painted on saw that dad got specially for mom.

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  1. I was so excited to see you wrote this blog, and it was so much fun to listen to your memories...